These games are in beta versions and are not currently on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. They are designed for Android tablets. Once you press on a game link, it will download the installation file. It will then ask you for security permission since it is not on the Google Play Store. Don’t worry, there are no viruses on our games.

Go to Settings–> Security–> Press on Unknown Sources

Install our games and have fun.



Kids Piano: Keep on pressing on the Black Tiles and avoid pressing on the White Tiles while listening to Classic Music.

Freeway Avoidance: Race your way to get the highest score. Tilt your tablet to move to the right or the left.


Conming Panda: Race your way to the sky while avoiding obstacles. Collect 20 books to get an extra life. 

Math Mountain: Get down the Hill while avoiding Bombs, Obstacles, Spikes, Poisons (causes directional confusion), and Icy paths.


Drive through the Highway while accumulating energy and points using the Blue and Yellow Targets while avoid Road blocks Red and Yellow.



Race your pig through 2 or 3 lanes while accumulating energy and points when eating apples. Avoid the strangers boots that can kill your pig.


Trivia Hop: Hop from one lily to another. Avoid the bad lilies.


Keep It Up Kids: Keep the Soccer up in the air as long as possible.

12236482 - cartoon spaceship icon

Space Race : race your ship across the universe. Avoid colliding with other ships  while accumulating a high score


Jump the obstacles: This a variation of Crossy Road game. Jump along different obstacles and see if you reach the other side.

 Cystic Fibrosis Rabbit Hero- screenshot thumbnail

Conejo Inteligente: Fight your way up the sky with your super rabbit; avoid the germs; get 20 bandaids- inhalers along the way to get an extra life.

Image result for space invaders

Space Invaders: Classic Space Invaders with a twist.