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Most kids and professionals get tired studying educational materials because it so dry. The dryness of the educational materials lead to boredom , unfinished homework and put a drag on their school and professional credentials. For example, a kindergartner would prefer to play on his ipad instead of learning  math. In fact , even though the app for addition/ subtraction is included in his Ipad, he would not use it because it is boring and unrewarding. They would prefer to play other games of arcade/ strategy and skills.

We propose to combine fun with education into one application (app). Current games such Arcade, strategy, social and Trivia involves multiple levels, weapons and accessories that can be accessed through skills and in-app purchases. We propose to include a Knowledge Module into the app. Let’s take the example of the endless runner app or any game. Once you die, you either have to buy a life or buy coins. In our model, once a player character dies, a question will pop up that will ask the player a question. For Kindergartner, it would be an addition problem such 2+6= ?    The progress of the game will be decided on the player feedback. Needless to say that if  the player answers the question right, he can move on in the game; however if he answers wrong, he may be asked again and again till he answers right or simply just end the game.



Learning new random tidbits of knowledge is fun, but does it really add to your intelligence? It may seem like you’re just wasting time learning useless facts, but actually when you read a short piece of trivia or take a quick trivia quiz, you’re also helping your brain stay sharp and quick and even making yourself smarter in the process in ways you probably haven’t realized.


Learning new trivia and trying to recall trivia you’ve learned before helps both your short-term and long-term memory. It can create new connections between different pieces of information and between parts of your brain.


Learning trivia and taking quick knowledge quizzes that force you to try to recall information increases your frontal lobe activity. This helps create neurons, which need activity and challenge to generate.


The fun and relaxed nature of learning new trivia helps reduce stress, which improves your intelligence in many ways. Stress negatively affects your brain and makes you less able to think clearly, so a quick bout of trivia facts not only teaches you those pieces of information, it calms you down and opens your mind.


Stretching your brain and keeping it agile helps your brain avoid disease and memory loss. This allows you to think clearly, and makes you consistently better at learning new facts. This in turn creates a snowball effect. The clearer you think, the easier it is to acquire knowledge, and the more you are able to acquire, in turn allowing you to think clearly.