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Statistics on both Casual and Hardcore Gamers by Gender and Age

Analysis of Gamers by Gender: -Males make up 56% of gamers -Females make up 44% of gamers -Males purchase 59% of games -Females purchase 41% of games -Male gamers are more open to playing any character, regardless of gender -Female gamers, specifically middle school and high schoolers, prefer to play games with a strong female […]

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A Review of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” Mobile Game

Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader – downloaded the free app and purchased the premium for $2.99 later Things done well: can log in with Facebook Dislike: Purchasing the app seemed unnecessary because of very few differences between the free and paid version. Observations: began with free version. Once I bought the $2.99 version, […]

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Our Purpose as an Educational Game Developer

Most kids and professionals get tired studying educational materials because it so dry. The dryness of the educational materials lead to boredom , unfinished homework and put a drag on their school and professional credentials. For example, a kindergartner would prefer to play on his ipad instead of learning how to add. In fact , […]

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