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Math Mountain Trivia is a mobile game available in both iOS and Android. It is designed to help you to increase your knowledge in Math while having fun. It is based on our philosophy of education through fun disruption.

It includes many subjects  from Grade K to Grade 6 with several different subtopics.


About the game:

Starting the game.. When you start the game you can choose from one of several characters, as seen below ( The default is the cute LadyBug):

When you’ve selected your character, you’re ready to start climbing down the mountainous level and make it through the treacherous terrain. To move downwards, simply tap the sides of your phone or tablet in either the left or right direction. Your character will follow your taps. Just be sure to avoid the obstacles and barriers in your path.

Downhill Trivia2

 If you lose a life in the game, you will be given an opportunity to keep your accumulated score by answering a question about a specific subject.  If you answer correctly, you keep your score and continue on the same game. But if you answer incorrectly, and you’ll be forced to start over again with Zero score.


For some game tips:


Ice: If you walk over this, it causes your character to slide. Best to avoid it.


Poison: Poison is very tricky because it reverses your directional pad. Making you think left is right and right is left.


TNT: Watch out for these dangerous objects. Touch a TNT space and it will soon explode.


Spikes :These spikes continuously pop up from underground. I wouldn’t recommend touching them.


Trees:  These barriers are everywhere on the mountain. Be sure to avoid them because they can get you stuck in place.