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Statistics on both Casual and Hardcore Gamers by Gender and Age

Analysis of Gamers by Gender:

-Males make up 56% of gamers

-Females make up 44% of gamers

-Males purchase 59% of games

-Females purchase 41% of games

-Male gamers are more open to playing any character, regardless of gender

-Female gamers, specifically middle school and high schoolers, prefer to play games

with a strong female protagonist

-Females are less likely than males to identify as gamers, despite having equal amounts

Knowledge on gaming and playing equal amounts of time


Analysis of Gamers by Age:

-Gamers under 18 make up 26% of the gaming industry

-Top categories for gamers aged 12-17 were racing, puzzles, sports, and action games

-Gamers 18-35 make up 30% of the gaming industry

-Females 18 and older make up 33% of the gaming industry

-Males 18 and younger make up 15% of the gaming industry

-Females over 18 are now the biggest demographic in the gaming industry, beating out teenage boys and adult males

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