Our Purpose as an Educational Game Developer

Most kids and professionals get tired studying educational materials because it so dry. The dryness of the educational materials lead to boredom , unfinished homework and put a drag on their school and professional credentials. For example, a kindergartner would prefer to play on his ipad instead of learning how to add. In fact , even though the app for addition/ subtraction is on his Ipad, he would not use it because it is boring. He / she prefers to play other games of arcade / strategy and skills. A medical doctor or a nurse who are required to have 50 units of continuous medical education (CME) keep on slacking off because of the dryness of the materials.

We propose to combine fun games with education games into one application (app). Current games such Arcade, strategy, social and Trivia involves multiple levels, weapons and accessories that can be accessed through skills and in-app purchases. We propose to include a Knowledge Module into the app.